Polymer Company (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) started high quality synthetic trona (crystal sodium sesquicarbonate) plant based on unique process developed by NIOCHIM. This product is in high demand on Ukrainian and global markets as an alternative to tripoliphosphate as washing powders component.

NIOCHIM developed a novel process that does not have any analogs in Europe and is ensures complete environmental safety.

The plant has developed unique phosphates free washing powders formulations and certificate of correspondence for the manufactured powders to SOU OEM “Washing and cleaning means. Environmental criteria for life cycle evaluation” standard developed according to DSTU ISO 14024:2002 (ISO 14024:1999, IDT)” Ukrainian standard.

Polymer Company manufactures three modifications of phosphates free washing powders: Trona Universal, Trona Color and Trona Sensitive, with net weight 0,5 kg, 1,0 kg, 1,5 kg and 2,0 kg in original packs at competitive prices. These washing powders are based on sodium sesquicarbonate (analog of natural trona). They are phosphates free, harmless to humans and environment with high washing and whitening capabilities, low surfactants content with biodegradability more than 90%.

Further plans include creation of a plant for trona based washing powder for babies things (including newly born children).