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Soda and soda products laboratory

Head of Laboratory – Leonid Vasserman
Leading Process Engineer,
Scientific Division.


  • Development and improvement of productions:

soda ash;

sodium bicarbonate;

sodium sesquicarbonate (crystallized trona);

calcium chloride;

sodium sulfide and hydrosulfide.

  • Development of treatment and utilization methods for soda ash and soda products production wastes.
  • Research of soda ash and sodium carbonate quality improvement.
  • Research and analysis of the state and development of soda ash industry in various countries and in general.
  • Analysis of modern state of soda plants in various countries.
  • Analysis and marketing research of the above mentioned products.
Ecology and resource-saving laboratory


  • Scientific research of environment protection and resources saving with basic chemistry industries;
  • Research of hydrodynamic and hydrochemical operation mode of sodium chloride deposits;
  • Long-range forecasts of hydromineral raw materials formation and extraction;
  • Development of initial data for slurry ponds creation and reconstruction;
  • Development and improvement of utilization process for soda ash products wastes for:
      belite binding materials;
      fodder mineral additives;
      conserving agents for fruits and vegetables.
Inorganic products laboratory

Head of Laboratory –
Vyacheslav Uteshev,
Ph.D. (Technology).

Сфера деятельности подразделения:

  • Scientific research on production process and quality development and improvement of:
      Silica fillers;
      Carbonate fillers;
      Sodium sulfate;
      Magnesium compounds.
  • Creation of low-waste and wasteless inorganic products processes using new raw materials
  • Development of effective technologies for complex natural mineral raw materials treatment
  • Development of technologies for solid and liquid wastes utilization of carbonate and silica fillers, etc. production
  • Analysis of modern state of production technologies of the above mentioned products, analytical reviews
Heat mass exchange equipment laboratory

Head of Laboratory –
Vitaliy Frumin, Ph.D. (Technology).


  • Scientific research aimed at decrease of material and energy resources consumption during soda ash and soda products production
  • Development and improvement of heat and mass exchange equipment for production of basic chemistry products
  • Analysis of modern state of process equipment for absorption, carbonation and distillation units for soda ash production, analytic reviews.
Laboratory of metrology, automation and drying

Head of Laboratory – Anatoly Baranovsky


  • Laboratory serves as Chief Metrology service organization of the Ministry of Industrial Politics of Ukraine (Cert. No 06544-5-1-18/3-ГОМС)
  • Coordination of works on metrological support of enterprises subordinated to the Ministry of Industrial Politics of Ukraine
  • Metrological supervision on measurements standardization at the enterprises subordinated to the Ministry of Industrial Politics of Ukraine
  • Certification of metrology laboratories at enterprises for the right to conduct measurements within and beyond the sphere of state metrology supervision
  • Scientific research, development and implementation of industrial process control systems (IPCS) at chemical industry enterprises
  • Development of process equipment control and processes algorithms for of industrial process control systems (IPCS)
Chemical processes and equipment
  • Development and improvement of basic process equipment construction for filtration, drying and gas purification stages during soda ash, soda and other basic chemistry products production
  • Scientific research aimed at decrease of material and energy resources consumption during soda ash and soda products production processes (lime slaking, filtration, drying and gas purification)
  • Analysis of modern state of process equipment for filtration, drying, calcination; reviews.
Laboratory of analytical andphysics-chemical researches

Head of Laboratory –Anna Remishevska

The laboratory is certified for measurements within and beyond the sphere of state metrological supervision (Certificate No 06544-5-3-97 ВЛ).


  • Chemical and physical-chemical research of compounds properties and composition by methods that correspond to the certification field including waste waters analysis
  • Development and metrologic certification of measurements, tests and analysis methods for state and industrial standards
  • Development and certification of standard samples of all categories
  • Development and revision of standards, technical requirements and other standardization documents
  • Research of selected effective corrsion resistant materials and corrosion protection means aimed at prolongation of equipment operation terms and increase of products quality.
Assembly-engineering department

Head of Department – Valentyna Kysla

Tasks during all design stages:

  • Development of process and assembly part of design documentation for the basic process shops
  • Development of process part of design documentation for the auxiliary shops, compressors and refrigerators
  • Development of technical requirements (tasks) for equipment, design documentation of non-standard equipment
  • Development of water supply and drain systems
  • Development of “Enterprise Management” part of design documentation
  • Participation in supervision during construction
  • Participation in development of programs for calculation and design documentation on PCs.
Architecture and building department

Head of Department – Victor Vozianov

Tasks during all design stages:

  • Development of architecture and construction part of design documentation
  • Development of heating and air conditioning parts
  • Development of general layout and transportation
  • Development of intershop heat, gas and material lines
  • Development of architectural and construction part of heat supply systems
  • Calculations of building constructions, heat technical calculations
  • Constructions measurements and inspection
  • Supervision during construction.
Department of control systems automation and electrical Inorganic engineering

Head of Department – Anatoliy Gerasimov

Tasks during all design stages:

  • Development of design documents on processes automation and control, including heating, air conditioning, water supply and drain systems, coolers, boilers and other auxiliary units
  • Development of automated systems for processes control
  • Development of electric technical part, including:
    -Internal site power supply cable networks, electrical pathways, protective grounding, distribution and transformation substations, electric part of charge stations for electric cars
    -Electric equipment (power electric equipment including electrical interlocking for electric drives, signaling for electric drives operation and stops)
    -Electric lightning (internal, external including security lightning)
    -Static power and lightning protection of all external constructions and trestles
    -Supervision of works on external electric power supply, internal and external connections, automatic fire signaling.
Group of cost calculation and development construction projects


  • Development of costs estimates documentation (local and facilities) for construction and reconstruction of process and auxiliary shops
  • Development of construction organization
Group of chief engineers on project

Tasks during all design stages:

  • Scientific and technical management during documentation development of all construction, reconstruction and costs estimation stages, as well as during start-up and lead stages
  • Control of design and costs estimation documents meeting current standards, rules and instructions
  • Organization of equipment and materials supply to objects under construction
  • Organization of supervision during construction
  • Analysis and generalization of experience of objects design and preparation of offers on technical and economic level increase for design solutions.