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Industrial site of the former soda ash plant in Slavyansk, Donetsk Region, is admitted by the specialists of the institute as priority site for creation of the first industrial park. Slavyansk Industrial Park can include chemical plants complex consisting of soda ash and other derivative products plants that are purchased abroad now.

SI NIOCHIM proposes industrial park based on soda ash plant.

This is based on the following:
1) Soda ash is a strategic large scale product
2) Soda ash plant will allow to stop annual 100 mln. USD currency runoff from the country (taking into account 350 000 t of average annual demand for the last 10 years and soda ash price of 280 USD per ton)
3) Soda ash plant will provide flow-in of up to 50 mln. USD per year to Ukraine
4) Soda ash process wastes and semi-products can be used as raw materials for synthetic detergents, construction materials, livestock dietary additives, deicing reagents manufacture.
So, Slavyansk industrial park will allow to solve the task of overall strategic chemical industry development in Donetsk region, decrease or completely exclude expensive products import and start to solve overdue social programs.


Planned plants for Slavyansk Industrial Park
Product Times New Roman
Soda Ash 400 000
Extra Table Salt 50 000
Food Soda 20 000
Calcium Chloride 20 000
Caustic Soda 40 000
Sodium Percarbonate 10 000
Synthetic Trona 10 000

More plants can be built in the park for manufacture of chemically precipitated silica (carbon white), phosphate free synthetic detergents, cattle and poultry dietary additives, construction materials, etc.

– Revival and increase of the region’s investment attractiveness
– Development and support of domestic manufacturers
– Increase of tax contributions to the regional budget
– Almost 1800 new working places in the region
– Construction of 50 000 m2 living premises
– Opportunities for children’s and young people’s education and professional training.