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During all 95 years of its existence the institute has been constantly engaged in chemical machine building and front-rank equipment for the industry. And specialists of NIOCHIM have accumulated priceless experience that has been put into effect in dozens of plants in many countries. The institute has licenses for all types of engineering works in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. We are working on expansion of our technical authorities in CIS and other countries. In the 21st century energy and resource saving technologies with as small amounts of wastes as possible have utmost importance well optimized plants are very important. Our specialist can offer effective technical solutions for various chemical plants basing on up-to-date standards. First of all we mean basic and strategic directions: food soda and soda ash, crystallizing trona, calcium chloride, magnesium salts, sodium sulfate, silica white, sodium hydrosulfide.

NIOCHIM can guarantee reliability and the most rational use of natural resources and utilities at the engineered plants. Our partners have been tested by time. We are aimed at sustaining the image of the experts in engineering, update and equipment for basic chemistry plants. Our experienced researchers and engineers can execute wide range of engineering works that require extremely detailed development.