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Chemical Metallurgical Plant (ChMP)

Chemical Metallurgical Plant (ChMP) in Donskoe, Donetsk Region is one of NIOCHIM’s branches. During 70 years of its existence this plant was engaged in zirconium ores processing, ingots of local metals and vanadium, molybdenum, zirconium and chrome based alloys as additions to titanium alloys. After 30 years of its operation the plant was completely reoriented for polycrystalline silicon and semiconductors manufacture. Certain production lines had been changed for several times both in the process of the plant development and structural and legal changes.


Today the plant manufactures wide range of wires, electrodes, iron scale briquettes, metal structures, parts and plates for iron concrete slabs. During the last twenty years several new plants have been created. This helps to partly solve local employment issue, improve social climate in the region an increase technical and economic indices of the plant. Today ChMP continues its development, finds new applications for existing equipment and develops related activities.

Kalush Research Institute of Halurgy

Kalush Research Institute of Halurgy (VNIIG) was established in 1960s. In 2019 it became separate branch of NIOCHIM.

Today specialists of this institute develop new prospective processes, research and pilot projects in the fields of halurgy and polimineral deposits geology: Dombrovskoe, Stebnikovskoe mines, as well as mines in Belarus and Kazakhstan.