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JSC “Slavyansk soda plant”, Donetsk region

• High-quality calcium hydroxide manufacture process
• DCP (dry chemical powder) process
• Large-scale high purity calcium chloride and ammonium chloride manufacture process
• Manufacture process of calcium chloride inhibited with phosphates
• Carbonate filler manufacture process
• High dispersity precipitated chalk manufacture process
• Manufacture process of dry chemical composition for wildfire suppression
• Caustic soda manufacture process

JCS “Lisichansk Soda”, Luhansk region

• Technical grade ammonium chloride evaporation process
• Distillation gas condenser with dense disposition of pipes
• Technical cleaner based on soda and water glass

GP “Konstantinovka chemical plant”, Donetsk region

• Strontium carbonate manufacture process by carbothermal method
• Large-scale high purity calcium chloride and ammonium chloride manufacture process
• Manufacture process of mineral feed additive for animals

JCS “Crimean Soda Plant”, Krasnoperekopsk, Crimean AR
• Crude brine manufacture process from Sivash bittern
• Two-stage brine purification process
• Soda ash manufacture process for optical glass
• Granular soda ash process for tube glass
• Environment protection measures including calcium chloride manufacture
• Flash point plant for utilization of soda plant distiller lye heat
• First column gas scrubber with large perforation of cross-current plates
• Modernized distillation unit providing crustless operation
• Modernized distillation column
• Automatic control system of dense soda plant operation
• Sivash deposit mathematic model
• Consultations and information support, pre-design services
ZAO “Himprom”, Vinnytsia
• BS-50 carbon white process
RUSSOL-Ukraine Company, Donetsk Region
  • Detailed design of purification plant for sodium chloride brine slime.
United Chemicals Company, Zhitomir
  • Review of soda ash and food soda market in Ukraine in 2011-2013

M.V. Frunze Sumy Plant

  • Technical inspection of chloride free ammonia condensates distiller


  • Participation in technical project of industrial development of Valeevskoe technogenic bittern deposit in Northern section of Krasnoe Lake.

“Polimer” Private Company

  • Documentation development for synthetic trona (sodium sesquicarbonate) plant construction
Alcalis De La Patagonia SA, San Antonio Oeste
  • Alpat Soda Plant commissioning, personnel training
Belarussian soda ash plant
  • Feasibility study a 200 000 tpa soda ash plant capacity and a 20 thousand tpa sodium bicarbonate plant
  • Development of ratopnal technical solutions and technical and economic calculations for construction of soda ash plant with capacity 200 000 tpa with galite wastes
  • Soda plant commissioning, Devnya
CIECH Soda Deuchland GmbH & Co. KG, STAßFURT
  • Technical documentation development on update of operating distillation system
Rohit Surfactants PVT Ltd., Kanpur
  • Basic design of soda ash plant with 500 000 t/year capacity

Nirma LTD, Gujarat

  • Technical documentation development for mushroom carbonation column
  • Technical documentation development for simultaneous update of carbonation and sodium bicarbonate washing system
  • Documentation development for basic engineering of 100 tpd liquid calcium chloride manufacture (100% СaCl2) and CO2 gas suitable for soda ash manufacture
  • Development of basic engineering package for a 200 tpd grade refined sodium bicarbonate

Saukem, division of Nirma LTD

  • Development of technical documentation of update of brine purification, lime slaking and absorption units at Saukem, Division of NIRMA LTD


  • Development of technical documentation of apdate of carbonation sastem at GHCL LTD
  • Recommendations on prevention of soft lumps formation in final product at existing refined sodium bicarbonate plant and improvement of excess mother liquor utilization at GHCL LTD Soda Ash Plant
Sahand Sane Tabriz Co.
  • Improvement of distillation unit process diagram for soda ash production.

Nova Pharmed Chemia

  • Development of Know how for design, technical and engineering  of carbonation column for haemodialysis sodium bicarbonate manufacture, min. capacity on solid product in slurry 1 t/h
Ekibastuz Soda Plant
  • engineering Soda Plant

JSC “Kostanai minerals”, Kostanai region, Dzhetygara (Zhitigary)

  • Acoustic indicator of bulk materials

Kazsoda LLC, Pavlodar

  • General engineering of soda ash plant with 400 000 t/year capacity

Trei-Karaganda, Pavlodar

  • Development of “Design and Estimate Documents for Process Automated System at Kazsoda LLC. Soda Ash Plant, Pavlodar Region, Kazakhstan”.

“AralSoda” Company

  • Investments substantiation of 200 000 tpa soda ash plant construction in Kyzyl-Orda Region, Republic of Kazakhstan

“PavlodarSoda” Company, Pavlodar

  • Technical and Economic Feasibility study of soda ash construction in Pavlodar Region, Kazakhstan
SODA MATWY SA., Inowroclaw
  • Modernized carbonated column
  • Intensification of soda plant unit
  • Technical documents for update of RHDS distillation column

Anser Chemical Plant, Bydgosch

  • Technical Estimate of catolite concentration plant for detailed project of evaporation edible salt.
Isfara chemical plant, Sogd region
  • Granular strontium carbonate manufacture process for electronic industry
PO “Karabogasulfat”, Bekdash, Krasnovodsk region
  • Magnesium chloride (bishofite) manufacture process
  • Magnesium sulfate (epsomite) manufacture process for SD (synthetic detergents)
  • Sodium sulfate manufacture process
  • High purity epsomite manufacture proces
Soda Sanayii A.S, Mersin
  •  Modernized carbonatien column
  • Automated control system of ammonia content in distiller lye at Soda Sanayii A. S. Plant, Mersin (detailed documentation)
Russian Federation

Sterlitamak JSC “Soda”, Republic of Bashkortostan

• Reconstruction of soda plant brine purification unit
• Detailed engineering of distillation slurry filtration unit
• Reconstruction of Soda plant №2. Filtration unit
• Production of liquid calcium chloride unit
• Preparation transportation and usage process of soda ash plant distilled flooding oilfields
• Granulated dense soda process for electrovacuum glass
• Granulated barium carbonate process
• Granular soda ash process with regulated content of magnetic inclusions
• Carbone white past spray drying process
• Lithium carbonate process for electrovacuum glass
• Barium carbonate process for radioceramics
• Silica filler manufacturing process for chemical weed and pest killers
• Distillation heater with cross-current plates capless
• Distillation gas condenser with dense disposition of pipes
• First column gas scrubber with large perforation of cross-current plates
• Rotary mixer-disperser for preparing compositions in manufacture of SD (synthetic detergents)
• Instrument for persistent automated control of ammonia content in distiller lye
• Multiposition indicator charge level in limestone kilns
• Expansion of Soda Ash Unit Capacity of Dense Soda Division up to 1,3 mln t\year
• Expert conclusions on evaluation of Khudolazskoe mine (Sibai) exploitation for soda manufacture at    “Bashkirian Soda Company”

JSC “ Bereznikovskiy soda plant”, Perm

• Obtaining of raw brine with low sulphate content
• Limestone quarry
• Manufacture of process barium nitrate, technical grade
• Filter air washer with large perforation of countercurrent plates
• Standard raw brine from halite waste

JSC “Kuchuksulphate”, Altai, Stepnoe Ozero region

• Sodium sulphate plant
• Extension of sodium sulphate plant with reconstruction of raw materials feed
• Sodium sulphide plant reconstruction
• Joint production of calcined magnesia and high grade table salt
• Sodium bi-sulphate and liquid detergent “Biosulphate” process
• Feasibility study development and confirmation for calculation of Kuchuk’s mineral salt deposit
• Instant method of calculation of mineral salts content in salt brine and Kuchuk covering deposits
• Prediction of hydrological and hydrochemical conditions of Kuchuk Lake

LtD “Permneftegaspererabotka”, Perm region

• Sodium hydrosulfate plant (2005)

JSC “L. Karpov Mendeleevsk chemical plant ”, Republic of Tatarstan

• Barium sulfate manufacture process for barite-coated paper

Russin Magnesium Company, Asbest

  • 30000 tpa precipitated silica filler plant

JSC “Tula mining-chemical plant”, Leninsk

• Carbon white plant reconstruction

Pikalyovo Allumina plant, Leningrad region

• Granular calcined potash process

Uralgipromez Design Institute, Ekaterinburg

Detailed documents for construction of precipitated silica shop, capacity 30 000 t/year.
Ekohimmash Company
  • Improvement of fire extinguishing powders and their components production process aimed at improving their quality and lowering their cost.
Khimprom Company, Kemerovo
  • Recommendations on improvement of granulated calcium chloride manufacturing process and equipment design and implementation support.

RIVS-Project Company, Petersburg

  • Construction of pilot production area on hydrometallurgical processing of rough copper concentrates with oxidative chloridizing roasting in shaft  furnace with inclined grates cascade, capacity of granulated charge 5 t/h


  • Design Study of Soda Ash and Ammonium Sulfate Plant from Sodium Sulfate Solutions


  • Kungrad soda plant, Republic of Karakalpakstan


  • Production of sodium sulfate, capacity 40 000 tpa

“TURON MARGANETS” Company, Navoi

  • Detailed design of concentrated magnesium dioxide production, Republic Uzbekistan. Approved part


  • BS-HSZR carbon white process

Ethiopia, Zewai

  • Engineering, assistance in construction and commissioning of caustic soda plant


  • Caustic soda and soda ash plant