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Establishment of UkrGIPH – Ukrainian State Institute of Applied Chemistry

The new institution was established on the basis of the Decree of the People’s Committee Council of Sepetmber 21, 1923 in order to solve numerous economics requests. Key issues of the Soviet chemical industry had been solved here within 15 years.

The institute gains its place in the industry

UkrGIPH becomes the all-union center of soda industry. The institute starts to concentrate mainly on technical issues connected with soda ash process.

The Institute is renamed VISP - All-Union Institute of Soda Ash Industry

VISP developed novel designs of highly efficient column equipment and performed research aimed to improve ammonia soda process running.

Donets Soda Factory (now Lisichansk Soda Company) becomes institute’s first large project.

VISP as general contractor implements the results of its work and increases Donets Soda Factory’s capacity up to 430 000 tpa.

Reorganization into NIOCHIM – Research and Design Institute of Basic Chemistry

Upon such changes in its structure the institute began research in new fields such as barium compounds, mineral fillers, adsorbents, sodium sulfate and bisulfate, coagulants and some other chemical products.

NIOCHIM becomes general contractor of Slavyansk Soda Combine

The institute strengthens its positions and the leading design organization for general chemical processes industry.

The institute is renamed as State Research and Design Institute of Basic Chemistry

This seriously expands the institute’s authorities and allows leading successful research in soda and soda products technologies, inorganic peroxide compounds, chemical products filtration, crystallization, evaporation, drying. With the new status the institute engineers new and updates existing plants.

Commencement of Crimean Soda Plant design.

NIOCHIM starts complete design of the plant that became the leader of Ukrainian soda industry. This result was aimed at several generations.

Apex of NIOCHIM’s engineering activities

Almost each year NIOCHIM heads implementation of new soda plants in USSR as general engineer (Sterlitamak Soda and Cement Combine, Berezniki Soda Ash Plant, Mikhailovskoe Soda Plant, Leninskiy Mine and Chwmical Combine, Karabogazsulfat Plant, Kuchuk Sulfate Plant, etc.). For the first time in the world waste-free soda potassium products process by nephelines processing is implemented (Pikalevo and Achinsk Alumina Plants).

NIOCHIM during Perestroika

Uldate of ammonia and soda plants in USSR, construction of calcium chloride and ammonia, barium and strontium salts, silica whitw, highly dispersive calcium hydroxide, chemically precipitated chalk, fire-fighting powders, phosphoric compounds, household chemical products plants. Research in the fields of aerosil, technical sulfuric acid sodium, technical magnesium chloride (bishofite), sulfuric acid magnesium (epsomite), sulfuric sodium and sodium hydrosulfide. Srious attention is paid to the development of raw materials bases at ammonia soda plants.

NIOCHIM in the early period of Ukrainian independency

NIOCHIM designs and actively participates in the construction and start-up of caustic soda plant in Ethiopia, develops project for new soda plant in Kazakhstan (Pavlodar), develops concept designs for soda plants in other countries. Development of dense soda ash plant with steam calciner for Crimean Soda Plant.

NIOCHIM in the 21st century

New millennium opens a whole new level in NIOCHIM’s development. The institute obtains many orders from abroad. Due to cooperation with NIOCHIM plants in Turkey and Poland novel updated high capacity columns are installed, calcium chloride plant is commissioned at Sterlitamak plant (Bashkirskaya Soda Company), other plants update soda ash units, brine and distiller lye slurry purification stations, pilot industrial granulated calcium chloride plant. Sodium hydrosulfide plant has been commissioned and successfully operates at Permneftegazpererabotka Company.

Cooperation with foreign partners

NIOCHIM proves its competitiveness at the global market. This allows the institute to act as a technical and design consultant in CIS countries (Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, etc.). The institute became general engineer of soda ash plant in Kazakhstan. NIOCHIM cooperates with the plants in Poland and Turkey on new updated high capacity columns. The institute develops concept designs for plants in other countries.

Business expansion to the East

As a serious player at the global market NIOCHIM strengthens cooperation with existing partners and starts to conquer markets in the Middle East and India. Development of promising directions sets industrial standards and forms offers for new projects.

Recent projects

During the last several years NIOCHIM made serious progress in relation with Germany (CIECH Soda Deuchland GmbH & Co. KG, STASSFURT and Soda Deutschland GmbH&Co. KG), Iran (Semnan Soda Ash Plant and Nova Pharmed Chemia), India (Nirma LTD, Gujarat; GHCL LTD; SAUKEM, division of NIRMA LTD). Besides, specialists of the institute continue successful projects implementation at chemical plants in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and other countries.

Today and future plans

Specialists of the institute regularly develop new technologies, new effective equipment, plan process improvements. Today NIOCHIM has stable prospective and scientific and technical potential for effective solution of various issues at the plants in Ukraine and other countries.