In April-May 2021 NIOCHIM specialists participated in training on industrial parks evaluation in Ukraine organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) within the framework of the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme for Ukraine and Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production.
These UNIDO programs are aimed at RECP and industry integration into industrial parks operation n Ukraine in order to promote their economic, environmental and social parts. Such activities will improve industrial parks (IP) and make them closer to ecoindustrial parks (EIP) requirements. The program also includes development of EIPs legal support in Ukraine. Transformation of IPs into EIPs will allow domestic plants reduce their industrial costs, increase profits and investment attractiveness, as well as labor efficiency, reduce negative environmental impact and promote development of socially responsible business.
In 2016 NIOCHIM became managing company for Donskoe Industrial Park, so this event was very interesting for the specialists of our institute and gave insights for future development of our branch. Thanks to the specialists from UNIDO we acquired new information, methods and instruments, exchanged our experience with other representatives of Ukrainian IPs, discussed special features and nuances of our domestic practices of IPs operation.
NIOCHIM plans to develop IPs assessment and implementation in order to transform them into EIPs. Upon training completion we applied to UNIDO in order to include our specialists to the list of approved assessment specialists for joint implementation of EIPs and RECP projects in Ukraine. Besides, our specialists will participate in UNIDO training on industrial parks policy preparation on July 8-9, 2021.