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Volume 78, 2016


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1 I.G. Dovgaliuk; Y.N. Kuzenko; V.A. Panasenko
2 I.G. Dovgaliuk;  Z.А. Маlакey On the creation of the industrial park "Slavyansk" 
3 Z.А. Маlакey; L.Z. Vaserman  Certain Peculiarities and Today’s Tendencies in Soda Ash Process
4 L.Z. Vaserman; N.M. Vorobieva Soda Industry in France
5 L.Z. Vaserman; О.Е. Getmanenko Dynamics of production and consumption of soda ash in the United States
V.M.  Frumin;  V.M.  Gut;  
V.L. Burin; T.V. Oleychenko;
M.R. Rayda; A.A. Rezanov
Dry Purification Methods of Calcination Gas From Soda Dust
 7 A.P.  Zaikin;  V.N. Gridasov;  A.A. Baranovskiy;  T.A.  Stasiuk  To problem of distiller lye application for Lime hydration at soda ash plant 
A.P.Zaikin; V.N. Gridasov,
A.A. Baranovskiy, T.A. Stasiuk; S.M. Zuev
Bent SIeve for Lime Milk Purification from Slaking Fine Wastes at Soda Ash Plants
 9 V.F. Rayko; M.A. Tseytlin, 
V.A. Panasenko
Energy Consumption Efficacy and Application Potential of Calcination Stage Secondary Heat in Soda Process
M.A. Rahmanian;
A.A. Lukyanchikov
Research of Incrustation Degree in Carbonation Column during Operation Run 
A.A. Lukyanchikov;
Е.N. Mikhailova
Recommendations on Sustaining Sulfate Mode in Distillation Unit Devices and Pipes at Soda Plants
 12 L.Z. Vaserman; N.M. Vorobieva Efficacy Comparison of Calculation Methods for Density of Sodium and Potasium Chloride, Sodium and Magnesium Sulafte Solutions 
 13  V.A. Panasenko;  A.V. Kobzev Crystallization Surface in Quaternary Mutual System Na+, NH4+// НСО3, C1 – Н2О
 14 L.Z. Vaserman; N.M. Vorobieva; I.S. Tulupov  Comparative Evaluation of Density Values Calculated by Various Methods for Mixed Sodium Carbonate and Hydrocarbonate Water Solutions 
15 L.Z. Vaserman; I.S. Tulupov
V.A. Levitskiy; V.M. Uteshev;
T.M. Krasnova; S.A. Smirnov
Research of Phosphate Free Synthetic Detergents
V.A. Levitskiy; S.A. Smirnov;
E.V. Krasnov
Regulation of Bulk Density Index of Phosphate-ammonia Firefighting Powders for Fighting ABC Class Fires
18  V.M. Uteshev; V.A. Levitskiy  Obtaining High Modular Liquid Glass from Crystal silica Gel and Sodium Hydroxide Solution by Autoclave Process
19 M.A. Berezin; V.I. Alekseev Today’s Problems of PA “Karabogazsulfate”
20 V.I. Alekseev A.V. Alekseev Obtaining Magnesium Hydroxide for Use in Low-combustible Polymer Materials Compositions
V.I. Alekseev; 
A.A. Lukyanchikov;
A.V. Alekseev 
A.O. Bobukh;
M.O. Podustov; 
A.M. Pereverseva;
A.A. Baranovskiy
Optimization algorithm of soda ash production reverse water supply and water consumption object functioning
23   G.G. Aseev General Continuity Equation for Electrolytes Solutions in Agitated State
O.V. Shestopalov;
T.B Novozhilova;
D.I. Nechiporenko;
V.A. Panasenko; І.М .Rishchenkо
V.I. Alekseev; V.I. Semeniy,
A.V. Alekseev 
Today Condition and Prospective of Certain Plastic Mass Fillers Manu-facture in Ukraine 
G.I. Grin; V.V. Panasenko;
L.M. Bondarenko; D.M. Deyneka;
T.V. Fedorchenko
Amine Regeneration Kinetics in Potas SIum Carbonate Obtaining Process
G.I. Grin; D.N. Deyneka; 
S.Yu. Adamenko;
L.M. Bondarenko 
Research of Obtaining Vanadium (V) Oxide from Wastes of Pigmentary Titanium Oxide Process 
28 N.Y. Masalitina; A.S. Savenkov Mesoporous Catalytic Systems for Ammonia Oxidation Reaction to N2O
29 G.S. Privalova; A.N. Butenko; A.Y. Loboyko; V.A. Panasenko Status and Development Prospective of Nonplatinum Ammonia Oxidation Catalysers to Nitrogen Oxide (II) in Nitrogen Acid Process 
A.І. Dzevochko; M.O. Podustov 
A.P. Zaikin
Analysis of the processes of mass transfer in tubular film sulfation reactor
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