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JSC “Slavyansk soda plant”, Donetsk region

• High-quality calcium hydroxide manufacture process
• DCP (dry chemical powder) process
• Large-scale high purity calcium chloride and ammonium chloride manufacture process
• Manufacture process of calcium chloride inhibited with phosphates
• Carbonate filler manufacture process
• High dispersity precipitated chalk manufacture process
• Manufacture process of dry chemical composition for wildfire suppression
• Caustic soda manufacture process

JCS “Lisichansk Soda”, Luhansk region

• Technical grade ammonium chloride evaporation process
• Distillation gas condenser with dense disposition of pipes
• Technical cleaner based on soda and water glass

GP “Konstantinovka chemical plant”, Donetsk region

• Strontium carbonate manufacture process by carbothermal method
• Large-scale high purity calcium chloride and ammonium chloride manufacture process
• Manufacture process of mineral feed additive for animals

JCS “Crimean Soda Plant”, Krasnoperekopsk, Crimean AR
• Crude brine manufacture process from Sivash bittern
• Two-stage brine purification process
• Soda ash manufacture process for optical glass
• Granular soda ash process for tube glass
• Environment protection measures including calcium chloride manufacture
• Flash point plant for utilization of soda plant distiller lye heat
• First column gas scrubber with large perforation of cross-current plates
• Modernized distillation unit providing crustless operation
• Modernized distillation column
• Automatic control system of dense soda plant operation
• Sivash deposit mathematic model
• Consultations and information support, pre-design services 
ZAO “Himprom”, Vinnytsia
• BS-50 carbon white process
RUSSOL-Ukraine Company, Donetsk Region
  • Detailed design of purification plant for sodium chloride brine slime.
United Chemicals Company, Zhitomir
  • Review of soda ash and food soda market in Ukraine in 2011-2013

M.V. Frunze Sumy Plant

  • Technical inspection of chloride free ammonia condensates distiller


  • Participation in technical project of industrial development of Valeevskoe technogenic bittern deposit in Northern section of Krasnoe Lake.

“Polimer” Private Company

  • Documentation development for synthetic trona (sodium sesquicarbonate) plant construction


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