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Fields of research

NIOCHIM is the leading research organization for development of more than 60 chemical products in Ukraine, the most important of them being:

- soda ash
- sodium bicarbonate (food soda)
- caustic soda
- sodium sulfate
- calcium chloride, industrial and high purity grades (including phosphate-inhibited grade for roads) 
- table salt, food and industrial grades
- magnesium salts (bischofite, epsomite), magnesium oxide and hydroxide 
- fumed and precipitated silica fillers, including modified grades
- fire-extinguishing and explosion-extinguishing powders..

NIOCHIM can also propose manufacturing technologies for the following products:

- sodium hydrosulfide, sulfide, percarbonate, sesquicarbonate, bisulfate
- ammonium chloride
- calcium hydroxide, industrial and high purity grades
- calcium carbonate, synthetic and high purity grades, limestone
- potassium carbonate, sulfate, chloride
- calcium carbonate-based fillers: natural chalk (milled, fine), including polymer and paint filler grade
- synthetic calcium carbonate
- silica-based fillers: products from soda ash plant
- natural and synthetic zeolites for variegated applications
- industrial detergents, etc.

NIOCHIM is residence of national (TC53) and international (ITC142) technical committees of standards “Soda Ash and Connected Products, Barium Salts, Saline Sulfates and Active Fillers”.

NIOCHIM is Ukrainian leading organization on standards in chemical products (GOS79); in basic chemical industry environment protection and labor safety measurements; leading organization in metrological service.

Our developments were awarded Prize of Council of Ministers of USSR (1981), Ukrainian State Prizes in Science and Technology (1978, 1999).

NIOCHIM researchers publish their works in domestic and international special press.

The institute issues Collection of Works “Chemistry and Process Engineering of Basic Chemicals Plants” included into official list of Ukrainian special scientific publications.

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