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General information

Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is white crystalline hygroscopic powder (in the air absorb water and carbon dioxide)

Chemical formula Na2CO3

Molar mass 105,99 g/mole

Melting point 854оС

Specific heat at 25оС – 1043,91 J/kg К

Specific heat of fusion – 315,9 kJ/kg

Standard enthalpy of formation ΔH (298 К) (T) −1131 kJ/mole

Standard Gibbs energy ΔG (298 К) (T) −1047,5 kJ/mole

Standard enthalpy of formation S (298 К) (T) – 136,4 J/mole•K

Standard mole heat Cp (298 К) (T) 109,2 J/mole•K

Solubility in water at 20 °C – 17,7 %, at 100 °C – 31,3 %

Aqueous solution has alkali reaction as a result of salt hydrolysis.

Density at 20оС – 2533 kg/m3

Bulk density of light soda 570-650 kg/m3, dense soda – 1000-1050 kg/ m3




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