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Our mission, aspiration and corporate values

«…Any developed industry without soda ash is impossible» 

State Research and Design Institute of Basic Chemistry (NIOCHIM) is the only one institution in Ukraine and the whole former Soviet Union that s able of complex research, engineering and development works in creation and updating of soda ash, sodium bicarbonate (food soda) and other basic chemicals manufacturing plants. 

Our mission

We are professional engineers of soda ash plants – a strategic product for a large number of industries.

We develop highly efficient technologies and design plants for other basic chemicals – food soda, synthetic trona, calcium chloride, magnesium compounds, sodium sulfate, silica filler, sodium hydrogen sulfide.

We can guarantee high reliability of designed facilities and efficient usage of natural and energy resources

Our aspiration

To become one of the leading engineering companies in the field of basic chemicals, to establish environment-friendly and safe plants.

Our corporate values:

Highly qualified, creative and motivated employees
Favorable company image
Reliable partners

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